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View of crossbow targets with arrows sticking in a competition.

Crossbow experience in Rovinj – Rovigno

Crossbow experience

This is great fun and you will certainly get a feel for archery, Using crossbow on this archery experience as you send those arrows whistling through the air. Our crossbow instructors will have you hitting your target in no time! Crossbow is a traditional activity as well as being a modern-day Olympic sport.

We don’t use it to catch our own food anymore, but anyone who’s read or seen the Hunger Games will know what a valuable skill it was!

Our taster archery session will equip you with basic archery skills, getting you familiar and comfortable with a crossbow, getting you to fire those arrows into your target. Will you hit the bullseye?

200,00 kn/person (approx 30€/person)
Approx 2 hours
Open shooting range “Turnina” Rovinj-Rovigno
Aleja Ruđera Boškovića bb – Road to Rovinjsko selo bb – Road D303
Rovinj – Rovigno 52210 (Croatia)

Group sizes:
Minimum of 2
Maximum of 6
What’s included:
Instructors, equipment, medals
Crossbow experience
Age requirements:
Minimum age of 14 years

Important information:
Part of this activity is undercover
Remember, all activities and packages must be pre-booked