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Air pistol shooting experience in Rovinj – Rovigno

Air pistol shooting experience using CO2 powered pistols

Let us take you back in time to the ‘good ole days’ of traditional fairground attractions. Everyone knows fairground attractions are rigged, right…. you knew you’d lined it up but it missed by miles.

This is your chance to PROVE how good you really are at shooting an air pistol.

No teddies for prizes here, once your instructor has given you a safety brief and showed you how to use the air pistol you can relax and plink away. Hone in on your shooting skills (with tuition from our instructors) to hit the massive amount of targets on our funfair air pistol range using our modern but traditional style CO2 air pistols with accurate sights. After having a practice with the pistols you will then need to prove just how good you are by playing tubular bells!

This is a great outdoor activity experience for birthdays, stag, hen and hag parties, and corporate entertainment, team building activities or a social / family get together.
Knock them down and make um spin!

200,00 kn/person (approx 30€/person)
Approx 2 hours
Open shooting range “Turnina” Rovinj-Rovigno
Aleja Ruđera Boškovića bb – Road to Rovinjsko selo bb – Road D303
Rovinj – Rovigno 52210 (Croatia)


Closed shooting range at Shooting club Rovinj
Istarska 13a
Rovinj – Rovigno 52210 (Croatia)

Group sizes:
Minimum of 2
Maximum of 6
What’s included:
Instructors, equipment, ammunition, medals
Air rifle shooting
Age requirements:
Minimum age of 12 years

Important information:
Part of this activity is undercover
Remember, all activities and packages must be pre-booked